Clear Varnish Colorless Lacquer Metall Stone Wood W725 1-20L

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Größe: 1L
Farbe: Semi-gloss
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  • MADE IN GERMANY - by well-known paint manufacturers with over 100 years of tradition
  • Clear varnish for indoor use; Can be used as wood lacquer, furniture lacquer, floorboard lacquer, parquet lacquer, table top lacquer, window and door lacquer, metal lacquer, etc.
  • Water-based product / low odor emission
  • Very productive - approx. 5 square meters / L
  • Can also be used on surfaces that have already been painted

  • Clear lacquer - Made in Germany
  • Very scratch-resistant
  • Can also be used on surfaces that have already been painted
  • Very good gloss properties
  • Very economical - approx. 5qm / L
  • Water-based product / low odor emission
  • Can be applied with a roller or brush

    Substrate preparation:

    The surface must be dry, clean, stable and free of grease, glue and wax. Old coatings must be roughened. Loose paint residues must be removed.

    Possible uses:

  • Indoors
  • wood varnish
  • Furniture paint
  • Floor varnish
  • Parquet lacquer
  • Table top lacquer,
  • Window and door paint
  • metal paint etc.

    Technical data:

  • Processing and dryingnot at temperatures below + 10 ° C and / or rel. Humidity 80%.
  • Drying time: can be painted over: after approx. 8-10 hours; fully resilient: after approx. 1 week. IMPORTANT!The specified values ​​relate to a dry layer density of 40 μm and a temperature of 20-24 ° C and 55-70% rel. Humidity. The drying time is longer at low temperatures and / or high humidity.

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    The mixture is classified as not dangerous according to the regulation
    (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP].

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