Floor coating paint for concrete and cement W700 1-20L

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Farbe: RAL 1001 Beige
Größe: 750ml
Sale price€17,90


  • Paint for Basement, floor, balcony, terrace and cement 
  • Degree of gloss: silk gloss | Processing: rollers and brushes
  • Ideal for concrete, plaster, eternite, cement screed and also for wood

  • Made in Germany stands for quality | Approved by the building authorities | TÜV tested
  • Modern water-based concrete floor paint
  • Environment friendly | Low odor
  • Durable | Easy to wash l Fast drying
  • Best for indoor use, limited outdoor use
  • Big surface = approx. 6-8m2 / liter l professional container EN-certified
  • Recommended number of coats: 2

We deliver ready-to-use floor paints based on acrylate mixed polymer dispersion, which are durable and highly resilient. The coating surface is easy to clean, abrasion-proof and resistant to most oils. In addition, the W700 Floor coating paint for concrete and cement is universally applicable and can be used on (cast) concrete, metal and wooden substrates.

  • Floor coating MADE-IN-GERMANY
  • Durable and highly resilient
  • Wasserbasiert / geringe Geruchsemission
  • Water-based / low odor emission
  • Big surface = approx. 6-8m2 / liter. 2 coats are recommended
  • Applicable to cement, wood, concrete, etc.
  • Processing with a roller, brush or spray device

    The basis for every coating or renovation is the optimal substrate preparation, for this we recommend our additional products:

  • W810 Special cleaner – thorough cleaning and surface pretreatment;

  • W800 Acid Etching surface Preparation – even better adhesion - ensures that the floor is roughened;

  • W757 Epoxy Repair Mortar – repair of holes and cracks;

  • W715 Floor leveling compound – leveling out unwanted bumps and slopes;

    Für eine erhöhte Beständigkeit gegen Weichmacher empfehlen wir den Boden mit W701 – Acrylic sealant for concrete or cement-based floors to coat.

    For garages and other heavily trafficked floors, we recommend insteadt W700 Floor coating due to the significantly higher durability of our W702 – 2-Pack Epoxy Resin Floor Coating Paint Garage Concrete.

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    Keep out of the reach of children / Wear protective gloves and protective clothing / After skin contact: Wash with plenty of soap and water / If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice / Get medical attention / Dispose of contents / container to hazardous waste

    This product complies with the requirements of the directives 2004/42 / EG and 2010/79 / EU on the limitation of the VOC content.

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