Hardener for WO-WE epoxy resin PAINT W705 0.225-1.8 kg

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Size: 225g (for 2.5Kg epoxy resin set)
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  • The epoxy hardener is intended to be mixed with colored epoxy resin to create a solid substance with high strength and excellent adhesion and coating properties.
  • Compatible with all colored epoxy resins from the WO-WE brand: SL450 2K pool paint, W702 2K epoxy resin garage paint, W712 2K tile paint, W735 2K balcony paint, W757 2K epoxy resin mortar
  • The mixing ratio is 1 to 10.
  • Available in 4 sizes for epoxy resin: 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg.
  • The combination of the curing agent with the epoxy resin ensures the formation of a coating that is resistant to abrasion, moisture and UV rays.

Designed for use as a hardener in the production of coatings for solvent-free floor coverings, epoxy resin solutions or protective coatings. The WO-WE epoxy resin bicomposants sets with the use of hardener W705 - hardener for epoxy resin paint result in smooth surfaces with excellent physical properties, which is particularly important in the construction industry: for the production of industrial floors, garage floors, balconies, terraces as well for coating ceramic tiles and swimming pools.

Compatible only with the products:

  • W702 2K epoxy resin garage paint matt and satin gloss
  • W712 2K tile paint matt and silky gloss
  • W735 2K epoxy resin balcony paint
  • SL450 2K pool paint


    The mixing ratio of resin to hardener is 10:1 (for every 10 parts of resin, 1 part of hardener is added, which corresponds to 9% of the total mass of the mixture). Works at temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius. To do this, first stir up the base mass, then add the hardener and mix intensively with a slow-running agitator or drill with a stirring paddle at a maximum of 450 rpm until a streak-free and uniform color is achieved. Pour the material into another container (repot) and mix thoroughly again (do not process from the delivery container). For an even look, always work fresh on fresh. When rolling, apply the material evenly and then roll it crosswise.

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