2-Pack Epoxy Resin Floor Coating MATT Paint Garage Concrete W702 2,5-20Kg

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Größe: 2.5Kg
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  • 2-component epoxy resin floor coating + hardener
  • Consumption: approx. 200-300g/sqm per coat. 2 coats are recommended
  • Suitable substrates: Suitable for garage floor, basement floor and other floor surfaces on concrete and cement screed
  • Ideal floor coating with good adhesion and good hiding power for mineral substrates (concrete, cement, hard asphalt screed, fiberglass, etc.)
  • Coating impresses with a matt, seamless finish and is extremely easy to maintain
  • 2-Pack epoxy-based floor paint is available in many colours
    Has very high chemical and mechanical resistance, high abrasion resistance.

Product description

2-Pack epoxy resin floor coating from WO-WE is an ideal coating for indoor concrete and cement floors. Our 2-Pack floor coating is extremely abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. In addition, the garage floor / industrial floor is protected from various chemicals, oil, road salt and dirt. The mechanical resistance is mainly determined by the strength of the substrate. Due to the small layer thickness, there is a risk of damage to the sealing film in the event of greater mechanical stress, so it is always advisable to apply 2 coats.

Our 2-Pack epoxy resin coating is MAT. For the SHINY finish, we recommend W702 Epoxy Resin Floor Coating Paint SHINY. For the last coat, Epoxy Sealer W734 Colorless floor protector for concrete is recommended, but BE CAREFUL!!! it gives the SHINY aspect to your surface.

Area of ​​application: General industry, steel construction, heavy corrosion protection, agriculture, production halls, warehouses, basements, balconies, carports, parking decks and much more.

Consumption: approx. 200-300g/m2


Surface preparation

Check substrate and adhesion for suitability, remove loose pieces. The substrate must be stable, clean, dry, free of grease and firm. First remove dirt, cement sludge, oxide layers, lime deposits or release agents with Pre-cleaner for Concrete Garage Pool Substrate Preparation surface Before Painting Cleansing Effect W810 remove completely and wash thoroughly. Heavily soiled, oil-soiled or new concrete or screed surfaces must also be treated with Acid Etching surface Preparation for better adhesion of W700 Floor coating paint for concrete and for W702 2-Pack Epoxy Resin Floor Coating Paint Garage Concrete W800 .

Treat holes first with 2-Pack Epoxy Resin Mortar Grout Paving Joint Concrete Repair Mortar W757 and bumps or slopes with Floor leveling compound Smooth Level surface Preparation Coverings Cementitious mixture Mortar Grout W715 .


Mix the material ONLY IMMEDIATELY BEFORE PROCESSING in the correct mixing ratio (colored: 10:1 / clear 2:1). First stir up the base material, then add the hardener and mix it in with a slow-running stirrer or drill Mix intensively with an agitator at max. 450 rpm until a streak-free and even color is obtained. Pour the material into another container (repot) and mix thoroughly again (do not use from the delivery container). For an even look, always work fresh on fresh. When rolling, apply the material evenly and roll crosswise.

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