Road Line marking Paint Car Park Roads Runways Playgrounds Parking SL820 1-20L

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Farbe: Red
Größe: 750ml
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  • Water-based line marking paint for concrete, asphalt and pavements with light to medium use
  • Recommended number of layers: 2
  • Floor marking paint for marking parking lots, parking spaces, signs, alleyways, roads, runways, playgrounds, factory floors, etc.
  • Lightfast and weather resistant pigments; fill material / MADE-IN-GERMANY
  • Usage: Interior and Exterior / Degree of gloss: silk gloss
  • Durable Line Marking Paint / Excellent visibility / High abrasion resistance
  • Coverage: approx. 5-6m²/L / Professional container EN-certified
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or liquid spray diffuser

Our MARKING PAINT is a ready-to-use, water-based topcoat with lightfast, non-toxic pigments, unsaponifiable resin and plasticizers for marking areas without BASt approval! It is characterized by high abrasion resistance and excellent visibility.

Technical details

Coverage: approx. 5-6m² / L

Pigments: lightfast and weather-resistant pigments and extenders

Density: approx. 1.30 kg / L

Dry layer thickness: 2 layers of 40my each

Degree of gloss: silk gloss

Application areas

  • Parking lot marking
  • Road marking
  • Playgrounds marking
  • Factory marking
  • Airfield marking
  • Race track marking
  • Field marking


    The paint must be stirred well before use. Processing can be done with commercially available marking machines, hand spray guns, lambskin rollers or brushes.

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    Keep out of the reach of children / Wear protective gloves and protective clothing / After skin contact: Wash with plenty of soap and water / If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice / medical attention / Dispose of contents / container to hazardous waste

    This product complies with the requirements of the directives 2004/42 / EG and 2010/79 / EU on the limitation of the VOC content.

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