Anti-rust primer before painting, inside and outside SL300 1-10L

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Größe: 1L
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Anti-rust primers automatically convert existing rust and in the same time protect the surface with a primer.


Suitable for refinishing in workshops and maintenance

Good adhesion, extremely quick drying, easy processing and high coverage

Suitable for all steel surfaces such as fences, grilles, railings, doors and hardware.

Processing: brushing, rolling or spraying

The optimal flow and good abrasion resistance ensure easy processing.

Suitable for: new and renovation coatings

Our primer is weather and yellowing resistant

Consumption: approx. 1L / 15sqm


The primers with anti-rust effect contain a commercially available rust converter. In practically all cases this is phosphoric acid. It reacts with the rust and transforms it into stable iron phosphate compounds that can no longer rust.

Product data

Color: yellow
Consumption: approx. 1L- 15sqm

Your advantages at a glance:

Special product for repair painting in workshops and maintenance - Good adhesion, quick drying - Best corrosion protection - Isolates the edge zones of grinding and filling points

Areas of application

  • steel structures
  • vehicles
  • garage doors
  • machines and devices
  • in the locksmith's shop

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