Spiked roller 25cm & 40cm PL200

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Größe: 40cm + telescopic handle
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  • Roller width: 40cm and 25cm
  • Spikes: 11mm
  • Handle material: plastic and metal
  • For attaching to the telescopic handle
  • To eliminate and burst bubbles, pinholes and other pockets of gas that can form in floor coatings

Areas of application:

PL200 Spiked roller is used for deaerating floor coatings and other coatings when processing viscous materials.

It is used for better ventilation of viscous casting and coating compounds

  • Handle material: plastic and metal
  • Roller width: 25cm 40cm
  • Spines: 11mm
  • Diameter of the roller: 38mm
  • For attaching to the telescopic handle

    We recommend the ventilation roller for the following products:

  • W715 – Floor leveling compound Smooth Level surface Preparation Coverings Cementitious mixture Mortar Grout
  • W702 – 2-Pack Epoxy Resin Floor Coating Paint Garage Concrete
  • W733 – 2-Pack Epoxy Resin Primer Adhesive Primer Coating Adhesive Deep Primer
  • W734 – 2-Pack ​Epoxy Resin Floor Sealer Floor Concrete Clear/Colorless

    Suitable for various floor coatings and leveling compounds, 2-Pack epoxy resin coatings can also be processed, for this we also recommend our PL200 Spiked roller.

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